Carol and Santa

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Santa delivering a lump of coal to misbehaving kids on Christmas Eve is generally viewed as punishment. But what if that story is flipped and coal is a symbol of kindness and forgiveness?

“Carol and Santa” is a book about a mischievous girl who has a Christmas Eve redemption. The story premise is this. “What if a naughty little girl is selected by Santa to deliver coal to all the other misbehaving kids around the world on Christmas Eve, and after visiting with some caring kids in other countries, she realizes the universal importance of kindness and forgiveness.”

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“Carol and Santa” is the latest book by Karen Cotton. Cover image is by Mike Beeman.

“Carol and Santa” will make it’s way on TV and video on demand in time for 2020 holiday season. We’re raising $198,000 for the project through indiegogo.

The project will move forward if the following PHASE I items are funded equalling $21,000:

– Production Design: Concept Art (10 total drawings); Speaking Character Designs (Up to 12); Non- Speaking Character Designs (up to 12); Design Standards $15,000.00

– Script Development: (up to 40 pages) $6,000.00

The book’s author, Karen Cotton of Cheyenne approached Cheyenne native and movie maker Alan O’Hashi about assembling a team to adapt her story into a movie or TV show. Karen pitched her idea during a random meet up in the Cheyenne Frontier Days media room in 2017.

After a few stops and starts, a team was finalized. “We all get along pretty well. It will be a fun project to organize,” O’Hashi said. “I’ve separately known Karen and Patrick for many years and who knew we’d come together to make a Christmas TV show.”


Boulder Community Media is producing ‘Carol and Santa.’

Boulder Community Media (BCM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit production company based in Colorado. Since 2004, BCM has provided community based production services, and hands-on educational opportunities for TV, film and journalism students.

BCM and it’s Executive Producer and Director, Alan O’Hashi have produced and coproduced a variety of feature length content that includes: “Mahjong and the West” a feature shot in Jackson (Amazon Prime); “New Deal Public Art Legacy” a feature length documentary about murals painted in six Wyoming towns (Wyoming PBS). Alan is donating his time towards the project.

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Mighty Fudge Studios are award-winning animators.

Since 1999, Mighty Fudge Studios (MFS), also based in Boulder, Colo. and principle Patrick Mallek have created unique, memorable and engaging characters who tell great stories. MFS productions have screened at prestigious film festivals including SXSW, Santa Barbara, Boulder, Toronto, and many others. Patrick is donating his time towards the project.

“Patrick and his crew view the world a little differently than most and that’s what makes their characters so engaging,” O’Hashi said. “He and MFS also are well established in the augmented and virtual reality spaces. Those are media forms which will expose ‘Carol and Santa’ to an even wider audience.”

“We have a great story and some very talented people. That’s the easy part,” O’Hashi said. “We’re raising money for the project through crowd funding, which is always the biggest challenge,” O’Hashi said.