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Boulder Community Media (BCM) is a 501(c)(3) organization authorized and approved to do business in Nebraska as Nebraska Community Media (NCM). NCM is dedicated to democratizing media in all its forms – printed, painted, sculpted, digitized – and making them accessible to all on small and large screens, exhibition space – through empowering communities to become sustainable in their own ways.

NCM doesn’t directly save whales or protect children or other traditional community and social services, but empowers others to attain their goals and missions through:

  • community education for students of all ages
  • full range of digital media production from preproduction to distribution
  • event production
  • education in digital arts
  • nonprofit fiscal agency
  • live event planning and implementation
  • social media marketing strategies.

NCM  is funded in part by the Wyoming Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities; Wyoming Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts; The Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, Boulder Arts Commission.

Production Services
NCM is a production company that provides high production value with fast turn around and within most any budget:

  • Pre-production – scriptwriting, casting, location scouting
  • Production services – cameras and operation (3-JVC ProHD cameras); Lights – flat panel, soft boxes; Sound – Sony wired and wireless mikes, Audiotechnics boom; Action – direction, craft services, transport and other support services.
  • Post Production – DVD authoring, web streaming

Fiscal Agency – Co-Production
Are you working on a project and you’d like to do it with non-profit status? NCM sponsors and co-produces projects for individuals or organizations without 501(c)(3) status. Non-profit status provides many benefits: productions be covered under the NCM liability insurance, be eligible for grants from foundations and the government, investors in your project can enjoy a tax exempt donation as allowed by law.

Distribution and Social Media Marketing
NCM not only can produce top quality digital media that conveys your message, NCM can help you get your message seen and heard through harnessing social media like facebook and twitter. NCM can work with you to meld social media marketing with your existing advertising and outreach approaches.

NCM provides community-based educational services to students of all ages in Nebraska and beyond. Teaching may be on an individual basis or for groups. NCM works closely with local school districts, colleges and universities to develop “hands-on” practical out-of-school learning opportunities in all facets of production, behind and in front of the camera. Student teams produce programs for community TV channels and web streaming.

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