Services and Work Samples

Click on the image on the left and check out the BCM youtube page. There are a variety of long and short-form projects.

Pre-production – scriptwriting – BCM can help you tell your story better to increase your business, improve your image and raise more funds; casting – BCM works closely with local professionals as well as film and broadcast schools to recruit talent; location scouting – BCM can produce your program on-site or in the field.

Production services – Production services – cameras and operation (JVC HD and 4K); Lights – flat panel; Sound – Sony wired and wireless mikes, Audiotechnics boom; Action – direction, craft services, transport and other support services. Post Production – DVD authoring, web streaming. VHS Conversion – BCM can convert your VHS home movies into DVD or other digital formats.

Post Production – DVD authoring, web streaming

Classes and workshops – BCM presents a variety of workshops and classes. BCM teaches screenwriting – download the basic script format. BCM organizes with other groups to tailor training, such as the Wind River Virtual Reality project. We can help you tell your stories better through guerrilla storytelling and movie making.

Distribution and Social Media Marketing – BCM not only can produce top-quality digital media that conveys your message, BCM can help you get your message seen and heard by harnessing social media like facebook, twitter and others. BCM can work with you to meld social media marketing with your existing advertising and outreach approaches.

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