Fast Film intensive seminar to be conducted in Laramie

The Shoot Out Cheyenne 24 hour film making festival will be screening the top 10 films on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie. February 5 at 7pm. in the Rendezvous Room in Washakie Center. The event is free to attend and is co-sponsored by the Best of the West Film Club. The club produced one of TSOC top 10 films and will be on hand to answer questions.

On Saturday, Feb. 6, also in the Rendezvous Room, Alan O’Hashi and Michael Conti will be offering a seminar on making the “fast-film”. The cost is $10 for community members and $5 for students.

Instructors will work with students of all ages and at any skill level. This workshop is designed for the amateur and the professional to help them hone their skills by disciplining themselves using “fast-filmmaking” techniques. The following are brief outlines for proposed classes on digital storytelling, introduction to portable camera, three-point lighting, introduction to audio resulting in the completion of a short movie.

Digital Storytelling
Digital storytelling expresses the creative voice through writing, audio and video recording and editing. The product will be a 1-5 minute video. You will hear the creator’s voice recite the story and see images chosen or created by the writer. They may be abstract or literal, still or moving.
Story writing – Find a topic to create your digital story about. It could be about someone who is important to you, an experience you had, an object of yours that has meaning or an activity that you do. Write a one to two page story. We work on story structure, clarity, transitions and length. Learn the tools and start recording – We do basic camera and audio training in order to properly record our stories and images we want to be seen within our projects.
Share – We may burn the stories to DVD or upload on the web.

Intro Camera Class
Learn basics on planning and shooting a digital video production
How to plan for specific projects, tools needed for shoot
Intro to camera, menu navigation, white balance, tape insertion and basic features.
Intro to tripod, how to set up and attach camera, how to use properly.
Basic shot descriptions including extreme wide shot, wide shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close-up, two shot, three shot, low angle, high angle, Dutch angle, frame within a frame, leading lines, and the rule of thirds. Students perform exercise and capture all types of shots on their own and then we review their tapes in class. On-set procedures, tips and rules.

Three-point lighting
Learn lighting basics and how to setup standard three-point lighting
Introduction to lighting instruments, what they are called and their functions.
Proper placement demonstration for three-point lighting. Examples of harsh lighting use of diffusion on subjects; Explanation of light manipulation for effect; Explanation of watt use and electrical procedures; Hands on trial and error with students.

Introduction to Audio Production
Learn basics about audio equipment, production and editing
Introduction to boom, hand and lavaliere microphones, pick up patterns, and proper uses.
Introduction to audio cords, fish pole, wind buffers, and how to read audio levels.
Record each other reciting favorite song lyrics in different acoustic spaces with each type of microphone and review.

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