Book a screening for ‘Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community” released

heil ranch picnic

Silver Sage Village residents attend a variety of events including a picnic at Heil Ranch. Join the facebook page for the movie.

A new documentary about aging together finds 25 senior citizens the subjects of “Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community”.  Keep up with the latest on the facebook page.

The film provides insights from six residents of the Silver Sage Village senior cohousing community about their experiences of growing old together.

Cohousing is a collaborative living arrangement. Residents own their own homes, live private lives but share in the ownership and upkeep of common spaces such the garden and common house.

It’s a challenging way to live, but living together more intentionally is a hedge against being alone and isolated through the twilight years of life.


Filmmaker Alan O’Hashi and videographer Michael Conti pose at the Little Yoga Studio where the opening sequences were filmed.

Filmmaker and Silver Sage Village resident Alan O’Hashi was on his death bed in December 2013. While regaining his health he joined a yoga community to regain his strength. The opening scene was recorded at the Little Yoga Studio.

Through his reflections, he recounts his continuing recovery and weaves those experiences with the perspectives of neighbors with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and those who find themselves in supportive neighborly care giving roles.

henry jean bday

Henry and Jean Kroll celebrate’s Henry’s birthday at Silver Sage Village. Jean was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and is now living in a long term nursing facility.

Cohousing pioneer Chuck Durrett and gerontologist Anne Glass phD offer their perspectives about senior cohousing living.

Silver Sage Village residents:
– Lindy Cook (nurse)
– John Huyler (facilitator)
– Dan Knifong (retired professor)
– Jim Leach (Silver Sage Village developer)
– Alan O’Hashi (filmmaker)
Margaret Porter (retired federal government)

Also Appearing:
– Anne Glass phD (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
– Chuck Durrett AIA (The Cohousing Company)
– Larissa Ortiz (teacher The Little Yoga Studio)